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Our Chief Advisor & Lobbyist

Stan Flint is the President of The Consulting Group (TCG), a Mississippi lobbying, government, and public affairs firm. With years of lobbying and public affairs experience, Stan consistently ranks among the top 10 Mississippi lobbyists according the Mississippi Secretary of State's annual lobbying reports.

In 2005, Stan merged The Consulting Group with Southern Strategy Group (SSG) where he served for more than seven years as the managing partner in Mississippi for SSG, the country’s largest national lobbying and government affairs firm. After a successful association with SSG, Stan has reopened TCG, which is positioned to provide a full range of services to its clients.

Among Others, Stan Now Represents:

• Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc.
• Takeda™ Pharmaceutical
• Metal Recyclers Association of Mississippi
• Pediatric Health Choice
• ABL Management
• PEW™ Charitable Trust
• Electronic Auction Services
• Just Advocacy of Mississippi
• Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center
• City of Biloxi
Stan Flint, Government Affairs Consulting in Jackson, MS
Stan’s work with the Stennis Military Council and Hancock County Ports & Harbors Commission reversed the Base Realignment and Closure Commission’s (BRAC) recommendation to close a naval facility at the Stennis Space Center. He has posted many election victories, including the defeat of a statewide ballot measure, Proposition 26, last summer. This referendum initially polled 66% favorable.

Under Stan’s guidance serving as general consultant, it was defeated 58% to 42%. He also managed the Vote for Our Coliseum Committee, a Harrison County referendum that required a super majority of 60 percent. It passed with 61.7 percent, even though $224,000 was spent to defeat the $68 million bond issue.

As coordinator for Coast Businesses for Fair Play (CBFP), he managed a Jackson County non-binding referendum in which 60% voted to oppose the expansion of Indian gaming in that county. CBFP was comprised of Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc., Beau Rivage Casino, Ameristar Casinos, IP Casino, and Penn National Gaming Inc.

The Consulting Group (TCG) is a private, Mississippi-based, public and governmental affairs consulting firm specializing in all areas of political, electoral, and grassroots organization and management. The firm also provides a full range of governmental affairs services.
Public affairs are another area in which Stan has extensive experience. He has decades of experience in community and public relations, grassroots issue development and advocacy, network development, and management. In the 1980s, Stan led Mississippi’s decade-long successful effort to defeat the Department of Energy’s plan to store nuclear waste in Mississippi.


In 1987 he organized, managed, and was key strategist in the first Mike Moore for Attorney General Campaign in Mississippi. At that time, this was the first coast-area candidate elected to a constitutional statewide office in 78 years. It has now been 104 years since anyone else accomplished such a feat. Mike Parker then contracted with Stan to organize, manage, and direct his successful bid for the Fourth Congressional District seat.

Starting with zero political experience, Parker went on to defeat several major Democratic candidates. Stan then went to Washington, DC, to serve as Parker’s Administrative Assistant following that election.

Upon his return from Washington, Stan re-established The Consulting Group in Jackson, working with Mike Moore’s re-election and many other campaigns the first year. That year, Stan also partnered with Bill Paschall of Paschall and Associates in Little Rock, Arkansas, to establish Direct Impact Communications, Inc. (DIC), a direct-mail company.

The next project was a countywide referendum in Birmingham, Alabama, to approve greyhound racing.  Proponents of racing had lost a previous election by eight percent. Stan organized and managed the second election and reversed the result, winning by eight percent. After that election, Stan was hired by the track owner as his personal and political adviser as well as community relations director.

During this time, Stan reorganized the failing American Greyhound Track Operators Association, Inc., (AGTOA).  As National Coordinator (executive director), he brought the organization from 48% membership to 100%. Stan was elected Secretary General of the World Greyhound Racing Federation. While serving in that capacity, he established a permanent office of the Secretariat in Limerick, Ireland.

While in Birmingham, Stan was contacted by business interests in Mississippi who retained him to establish a corporate and environmental grassroots coalition to prevent a proposed hazardous waste landfill near Philadelphia, Mississippi. The successful result of that effort was the Pollution Solution Alliance that
stopped the project.

Returning to Mississippi in December 1999, Stan began contracting with political and corporate clients. His first project was assisting the City of Pascagoula to secure more than a half million dollars in FEMA disaster assistance to restore the Round Island Lighthouse after it was destroyed by Hurricane Georges. That effort was followed by his successful work to secure several hundred thousand dollars in state tidelands grants for the lighthouse.

His local, state, and national clients cover a broad range of interests including gaming, Medicaid, health care, education, economic development, environmental planning and management, international affairs, fund-raising, and historic preservation. Stan, his wife Pam, and their two children now reside in Jackson and are active members of St. Andrews Episcopal Church.


Jordan Flint

Jordan Flint is a recent graduate of Millsaps College. As a Presidential Scholar at Mississippi’s top-ranked college, Jordan majored in Public Management, a specifically tailored curriculum that is a perfect fit for government and public affairs consulting. The core focus of this degree is to combine political science, and business with emphasis on public policy, management, economics, political research, government, and public administration.

This specifically tailored education has equipped Jordan with the unique skills necessary for government and public affairs, including:

• Public Policy
• Public Relations
• Government Affairs (State and Local)
• Grassroots/Grasstops Organizing
• Community Outreach
• Economic Development
• Political Consulting
• Policy Analysis
• Political Campaigns
• Public Management
• Client Advocacy
• Campaign Management
• Community Engagement


Jordan Flint, Government Affairs Consulting in Jackson, MS

During her education at Millsaps College, she worked for the College and interned two of those years in a government and public affairs consulting firm, Southern Strategy Group of Mississippi, now The Consulting Group. During that time Jordan managed one of the firm’s major clients for over a year.
Jordan has a proven track record of success in managing this major public affairs client, PEW Environment Group. With this client, she is mostly involved in grassroots and grasstops organizing, with a major emphasis on community outreach. She has organized and managed tabling events on the Gulf Coast working with fishermen and environmentalists alike. With Jordan’s help, the PEW campaign survived the NOAA drafting process with all of the client’s language intact.

Because Jordan started working the halls of the Capitol 13 years ago as the state’s youngest ever registered volunteer lobbyist, she is right at home now as a full-time government affairs professional. Also noteworthy is that she got the $100,000 appropriation to help save the Historic Round Island Lighthouse, which was the measure for which she was lobbying at age 9. Growing up in an influential political family, her love of politics came through at a very young age, with her first official campaign being the “Let Us Vote” campaign in Birmingham, AL at age 3, and she has been unstoppable ever since. Jordan will continue to service clients and will direct the executive and administrative functions of the firm. Her energy, commitment and experience, along with her love of public policy uniquely position her for continued success in this endeavor.

Government Affairs Consulting in Jackson, MS
Government Affairs Consulting in Jackson, MS
This is the Round Island Lighthouse in various stages of restoration that Jordan's efforts helped restore with an $ 100,00 appropriation at age 9.

This is the Round Island Lighthouse that Jordan's efforts helped restore with an $ 100,00 appropriation at age 9

Stan Flint and good friend Richard Chenoweth, owner of Scranton's Restaurant and
The Grand Magnolia Ballroom and Suites
 at The Topping Ceremony for The Round Island Lightouse on May 13, 2013.

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